Retail products

Baba Hummus

Baba Hummus Chili

Baba Green Hummus

Baba Beetroot Hummus

Baba Falafel Original

Baba Sweet Potato Falafel

Baba Ganoush

Baba Olivinade

Baba Meal: Falafel, quinoa & matbucha

Baba Ateria: Kermainen sienikastike & riisi

Baba Harissa (from warm shelf)

Baba Tahini (from warm shelf)

Baba Tahinismoothie Mango & passion

Baba Tahinismoothie Inkivääri & vihreä omena

Baba Tahinismoothie Mansikka & banaani

Baba Falafel paistovalmis massa

For parties and other occasions, our products are available in larger packages!

The consumer packaging of Baba Falafels and Baba Sweet Potatoes is made of cardboard and recycled cardboard. The plastic film and all other Baba packaging are recycled as plastic.